Jeep Safari and Night Camp

A unique experience

One day tour to the most secret and beautiful parts of Lefkada.

Information & Schedule

Starting our activity we will visit the unique in the Ionian Islands, oak forest on the east side of the island overlooking the Prigkiponisia ilsands, enjoying a cold drink from local aromatic herbs. Continuing we will find a breath away from Meganisi to ascend to kerasia fountain, with the sounds of raining from the waters, where we will make a stop for a brunch with our own homemade products. Moving on we will drive to the southern part of the island, crossing forest paths with panoramic views to find Cape Lefkata in the ancient temple of the god Apollo, admiring the wild landscape with the unique turquoise color of the sea, western Lefkada.

Our day will end on the unknown monastery beach, where together we will prepare our meal by making bbq from local meats and homemade wine. There we will spend the night with the equipment we provide admiring the colors of the sunset. The next morning with the unique sunrise he will find us in the picturesque lady Lamprini with the best Greek coffee on the island to visit the mountainous Lefkada with the lentil fields the prophet Elias and Stavrotas at 1182m with the unforgettable view that will accompany us forever. We will complete our activity in Piatsanos to have breakfast with cayenne from our own village eggs, fresh sourdough bread.

Participants will have the opportunity to purchase local homemade products, such as honey, wine, oil, herbs, lentils, etc. An activity that is far from mass tourism and presents the authentic Greece, its spirit and hospitality.


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