Lefkada All Day Jeep Tour

The unique Lefkada

With the Cruise 4x4 Lefkada, visitors will discover the entire island of Lefkada, crossing it from end to end with the unique company of images, colors, music and all the experience of Cruise 4x4 Lefkada, giving them live memories that will accompany them forever !!!

Information & Schedule

Starting from the participants' place of residence, our tour starts east from the amazing and unique in the Ionian Islands oak forest at 673m with the pro-age oaks and the incredible breathtaking view of the Prigiponisia. While admiring the view we will get our drink from local sage and wild mint.

Continuing we will be a breath away from Meganisi and we will end up with the always cool and sunless Pigi Kerasias enjoying the coolness of the small "always raining" of Lefkada.

You will enjoy brunch with our local homemade and homegrown products while you are on the cruise.

Our route will lead us south to the well hidden beach of Ag. Nikolas to enjoy the sea, and moments of relaxation collecting aromatic herbs of the season.

With the coolness of the sea accompanying us, we will reach the southern end of the island at Cape Lefkata where the ancient temple of god Apollo was located and today the lighthouse Doukato.

A place that is directly connected with the ancient lyric poet Sappho who committed suicide due to love frustration.

Leaving behind the wild and indomitable beauty of the south, we will head west to be stunned by the world beauty of Porto Katsiki with the unique color of the western waters of Lefkada.

The sequel will find us crossing the unknown and beautiful mountainous Lefkada with a stop that is imposed on Mrs. Lambrini for an authentic handmade Greek coffee.

Going uphill we will cross the lenses field's where the famous lens of Lefkada is produced and we will admire the dazzling view of the whole island from 1000m in the small church of P. Elias.

From there we will be at the ultimate peak of the island on Mount Elati at 1182m, feeling like the gods of Olympus.

Our rich meal will be in the village of Pigadisani hand made and prepared in front of you! 

You will taste the unique lentils as well as other homemade authentic local flavors, having the opportunity to procure the local products by the producer.

Descending we will now find ourselves in the village of Karya at 500m with its beautiful square and its famous Karsanika textiles.

There, participants can purchase local homemade wine directly from the producer's cellar.

Crossing the lathourokampos (local fava) we will complete our excursion with something also hard to find and unknown waterfall of Akoni as well as its fountain accompanied by the dragonflies to enliven the fairy-tale feeling of the unknown and virgin place.

On the routes there may be changes depending on the judgment of the Tour Guide according to the morphology and the risk of each route for safety and the entertainment of the participants !!!

The activities are clearly cultural and entertaining, not demonstrating driving skills.

Participants have the right to participate after a responsible statement.

The tour is up to 4 guests.


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