Pindos Jeep tour


An amazing cruise around Epirus and Western Macedonia. Beautiful places with thrill you with their beauty!

Information & Schedule

Οur tour starts from the mountainous and traditional Metsovo at an altitute of 1160 m. Here we will stop for a sightseeing of the main attractions of the village and shopping! The local products are famous worldwide for their fine quality and taste. Then we will head to the springs of the river Aoos and the named lake and from there to Valia Kalda (warm valley). Valia Kalda is located in the National Park of Pindos which is characterised by Arkoudorema, its main core and the mountains of Ligkas and Mavrovouni. Since we reach the valley we will grab the opportunity to visit the picturesque Vovousa at 1000m altitude as well as the beautiful Distrato at the foot of the mount Smoligas Our visit to the historical village of Samarina will leave us full of beautiful memories. Samarina is the highest village of Greece and Balcans at an altitude of 1450 meters! Our beautiful excursion ends to the famous traditional bridge of Aziz Aga which is crossed by the river Benetikos and is the biggest of its kind in the Western Macedonia.


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