Taygetus Jeep Tour


In our tour we will discover the whole mountain range of the Unique and mystical Taygetos.

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We will cross unknown forest roads at 1600m discovering all the occult beauty of the forgotten settlements of the Venetian castles of the Mani tower houses as well as the traditional and authentic villages such as Anavryti, Taygeti, Trypi, Kastori to Pellana with the largest vaulted tombs of Europe. Then we will visit the Castle City of Mystras as we cross the river Evrotas .. Last stop the shelter of Taygetos for an unforgettable journey through time and the nature of the mystical mountain.

An alloy of history , experiences , nature and true adventure that covers the whole spirit of the authentic Mani. The Activity includes brunch lunch and overnight in a traditional hostel.


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